Our Vision

We increase the social mobility of underprivileged youth in Hong Kong.

Our Mission

We instil sportsmanship and charity in and promote equality for underprivileged teenagers, so as to increase their social mobility.

Our Strategy

We carry out our mission through long-term sports training and learning experience activities.


Our Beneficiaries

Financial Criteria

  • Be under a household, which is beneficiary in the Comprehensive
    Social Security Assistance (CSSA) Scheme or
  • Be a beneficiary in the School Textbook Assistance Scheme, the
    Financial Assistance for Primary and Secondary Student; or
  • Live in poverty and referred by a registered social worker/an NGO

Non-Financial Criteria

  • Good interview performance;
  • Proactive, willing to learn, eager to improve and interested in sports;
  • Youth between 8 to 14 years old are given priority

What do our beneficiaries receive?

To empower underprivileged youth so as to increase their social mobility, we wanted to develop their sportsmanship, equality and charity. In order to do so, we created a 2-year programme containing the following:


Sports Programme

providing extended sports trainings (not less than 120 hours) for underprivileged youth to develop. Learn more >


Learning Experience

broadening the horizons of underprivileged youth through 30 hours of learning experience activities e.g. excursions and elderly visit. Learn more >


Mentorship Programme

giving underprivileged youth the opportunity to interact and learn from mature professionals. Learn more >