Board of Directors

Zimon Chan, Chairman and Executive Director

Zimon Chan

Chairman and Executive Director
Mr Zimon Chan leads the Board of InspiringHK and takes responsibility to ensure good governance, sustainability and strategic development of InspiringHK. He is a Physical Education Subject Panel Chairman at a local secondary school. He also sits on the Curriculum Development Council Committee to develop the local physical education curricula. He was an Assistant Coach of the HK Boys’ and the HK Girls’ Youth Volleyball Teams, and now sits on the HKSF Volleyball Technical and Selection Sub-Committee. He holds a BEd (Hons) from the Institute of Education and a MA (Hons) in Liberal Studies from HKUST. He also completed the International Level 1 Volleyball Coach Course in Thailand.
Gary Wong, Founder and Non-Executive Director

Gary Wong

Founder and Non-Executive Director
Mr Gary Wong is Founder and former Chairman of InspiringHK. Currently, he oversees the strategic development of the charity. He heads the Public Affairs in the Asia Pacific region of the world's largest membership organisation for professional learning. Before that, he was a Deputy Head of Sales in Greater China of a listed chemical company. He also worked in a global management consulting firm based in Bangalore, India. Gary is active in public policy and international relations sphere. He is a Member of Sir David Trench Fund Committee of Home Affairs Bureau, HKSAR Government. He regularly writes in both English and Chinese Hong Kong newspapers and is also a freelance radio commentator at RTHK. Internationally, he is a member of Chatham House in the United Kingdom. He holds a BA from HKU and an LLB from the University of London. He is a British Chevening Scholar and holds a Master of Studies (MSt) in Diplomatic Studies at the University of Oxford.
Judy Kong, Chief Campaigner and Executive Director

Judy Kong

Chief Campaigner and Executive Director
Ms Judy Kong oversees the general operations of the charity and currently completing a Master's degree in the University of Oxford in the UK. Prior to further studies she was a Corporate Social Responsibility Manager for a multinational company. She holds a Bachelor’s degree of Global Business Studies from CUHK and a Master’s degree of Social Work from HKU. She is also a registered social worker.
Edmond Yip, Executive Director

Edmond Yip

Executive Director
Mr Edmond Yip oversees the strategic planning and marketing communications of InspiringHK. He is an entrepreneur with special interests in childhood education, event organization and sports investment. Prior to running his own businesses, he was a management trainee and subsequently a senior manager in a multinational group listed in HK. He is a graduate of the University of Hong Kong with a double degree in Business Administration and Laws.
Sunny Leung, Executive Director

Sunny Leung

Executive Director
Mr Sunny Leung focuses on improving the financial transparency and internal control of InspiringHK. He is a Group Assistant Financial Controller of a listed company, as well as a Fellow of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountant (FCPA), a Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) and a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA). He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Finance from HKU.
Lisa So, Non-Executive Director

Lisa So

Non-Executive Director
Ms Lisa So oversees legal, compliance and governance issues of InspiringHK. She is also our Chairperson of the Audit Committee. She is a Head of Legal who oversees the legal affairs of an international group. She is a Solicitor and holds a LLB and a PCLL from HKU and a LLM from King’s College London.
Winnie Ho, Non-Executive Director

Winnie Ho

Non-Executive Director
Ms Winnie Ho oversees the strategic development, public affairs and community engagement of InspiringHK. She is Director of the Managing Director’s Office of a listed real estate development and investment company. Prior to this position, she held senior positions in Public Affairs in other listed companies in Hong Kong and was an Administrative Officer in the HKSAR Government for 13 years. She holds a BA and a Master’s degree in International and Public Affairs from HKU and a MA in Anthropology from CUHK.

Volunteer Executives

Sports Programme Management

We have a team of volunteers to support the management of  the sports programme execution of InspiringHK.

Welton Leung, Executive Officer (Sports)

Welton Leung

Executive Officer (Sports)
Mr. Welton Leung is a fulltime student studying at the University of Hong Kong, majoring in Risk Management. He is good at swimming and also enjoy softball, volleyball and handball.

Learning and Development

Our Learning and Development Managers are responsible to plan, implement and evaluate the Learning Experience Activities of InspiringHK.

Brenda Cheung, Learning and Development Manager

Brenda Cheung

Learning and Development Manager
Ms Brenda Cheung is a Building Surveyor of a listed real estate company. She holds a BSc in Surveying from the City University of Hong Kong.
Feanca Chu, Learning and Development Manager

Feanca Chu

Learning and Development Manager
Ms Feanca Chu is a biology teacher at a local secondary school. She holds a Bachelor of Science (Environmental Life Science) and a Master of Education (Science Education) from HKU. She is a hiking lover.
Rita Fan, Learning and Development Manager

Rita Fan

Learning and Development Manager
Ms Rita Fan is a project manager in the city’s largest youth service organisation, committed to nurturing young leaders. She holds a Bachelor of Social Sciences and a Master of Social Sciences (Social Service Management) from HKU.
Leslie Tang, Learning and Development Manager

Leslie Tang

Learning and Development Manager
Mr Leslie Tang is a Senior Marketing Officer at Asia’s largest real estate investment trust. He is a City University of Hong Kong graduate and holds a Master’s degree in Marketing from CUHK
Tommy Ho, Executive Officer (Learning and Development)

Tommy Ho

Executive Officer (Learning and Development)
Mr. Ho Tsun Kit is a full time higher diploma student in Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education(Sha Tin), majoring in Social Work. He enjoys playing basketball.

Marketing and Communications

Our Marketing and Communications team promotes the work of InspiringHK and ensures communications is seamless.


Natalie Mok, Marketing Manager

Natalie Mok

Marketing Manager
Ms Natalie Mok focuses on marketing for InspiringHK. She is an Advisory Associate at an international professional services firm. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from The University of Texas at Austin.
Jennifer Lo, Marketing Manager

Jennifer Lo

Marketing Manager
Jennifer Lo focuses on marketing for InspiringHK. She is an Assistant Manager of a leading beauty company. She holds a Bachelor degree in Arts and Education from the University of Hong Kong.
Nikki Chan, Social Media Manager

Nikki Chan

Social Media Manager
Ms Nikki Chan manages our social media platforms. She is a project executive in a digital agency, where she manages projects. She holds a Bacholar degree in communications from the University of Washington in the US.
Cheryl Lau, Brand and Public Relations Manager

Cheryl Lau

Brand and Public Relations Manager
Ms Cheryl Lau manages our public relations and builds our brand. She is a freelance branding and marketing professional with over 9-years of experience in the industry. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Economics and Finance from the University of Guelph in Canada.
Karen Lee, Graphic Design Manager

Karen Lee

Graphic Design Manager
Ms Karen Lee focuses on the layouts and designs of promotion and event materials for InspiringHK. She is a manager of an executive coaching and training company. She holds a BSc in Sport and Exercise Science and a MSc in Marketing and Management from Loughborough University in the United Kingdom.


Christopher Tse, Communications Manager

Christopher Tse

Communications Manager
Mr Christopher Tse focuses on improving internal and external communications for InspiringHK. He is a group compliance officer of an international bank. He holds a BSc in Accounting and Finance from the University of Warwick and a MSc in Accounting and Finance from the London School of Economics and Political Science.
Jonathan Ng,
Executive Officer

Jonathan Ng

Executive Officer (Marketing & Communications)
Mr Jonathan Ng is a full-time undergraduate student in HKU, majoring in Translation.
Garcia Lam,
Communications Manager

Garcia Lam

Communications Manager
Ms. Garcia Lam focuses on improving internal and external communications for InspiringHK. She is a Management Trainee at a listed property development company. She holds a BSc in Commerce from Mclntire, University of Virginia and a MSc in Real Estate (General Practice Surveying) from the University of Hong Kong.


Our fundraising managers connect us with organisations and leverage community resources to benefit our students.

Eddie Chow, Business Development Manager

Eddie Chow

Business Development Manager
Mr Eddie Chow focuses on fundraising for InspiringHK. He is a Chief Operating Officer at a finance company and an entertainment company, both of which are listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. He holds a degree Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering from the University of Hong Kong.
Natalie Leung, Executive Officer (Fundraising)

Natalie Leung

Executive Officer (Fundraising)
Ms Natalie Leung is a year 3 student at the University of Hong Kong, majoring in Politics and Law.

IT and Finance

Our IT and Finance Team works in the background to ensure our finances are transparent and operations run smoothly.

Jack Chen,
IT Manager

Jack Chen

IT Manager
Mr Jack Chen focuses on improving the IT productivity of InspiringHK. He is a Co-founder and Director of Jagarr Limited(HK), an IT consultancy that provides strategy planning and product development services. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electronic and Communication Engineering and a Master’s degree in Computer Science from HKU.
Harvey Lo, Procurement Manager

Harvey Lo

Procurement Manager
Mr Harvey Lo is a Physical Education Teacher at a local primary school. He is also a Chairman of the Physical Education and Public Affairs Panel, where he is responsible for procurement and upkeep of school premises. He is also a member of the Discipline and Guidance Team of the school. He holds a BEd (Hons) in Physical Education from the Institute of Education and a Master’s degree in Educational Guidance from HKU.

Executive Office

David Liu, Executive Officer (Administration)

David Liu

Executive Officer (Administration)
Mr David Liu is a full-time undergraduate student in City University of Hong Kong, major in Global Business System Management.
Joey Yung, Executive Officer(Administration)

Joey Yung

Executive Officer(Administration)
Ms. Joey Yung is a full-time undergraduate student in HKU, majoring in Environmental Science and Geography.
Edward Lee, Executive Officer (Administration)

Edward Lee

Executive Officer (Administration)
Mr. Edward Lee is a full-time undergraduate majoring in English and Education at Hong Kong Baptist University. He enjoys long distance running as leisure activities.

Full Time Executives

Our three full-time staff are energetic and dedicated to the rapid development of InspiringHK

Wong Yee Lok, Development Officer

Wong Yee Lok

Development Officer
Background and role Ms Wong Yee Lok holds a Bachelor in Economics and Finance degree from HKU. Ms Wong Yee Lok focuses on the growth and development of the foundation, focusing on fundraising and expansion. She also ensures effective communication between various stakeholders to support InspiringHK’s operations. Involvement in sports Wong Yee Lok is very into ball games, especially softball, volleyball, handball and table tennis. She wish to have a long term commitment with softball. She has just started long-distance running as well.
Chan Yin Yu, Programme Officer

Chan Yin Yu

Programme Officer
Background and role Chan Yin Yu graduated from the University of Hong Kong, majoring in Earth Sciences. In InspiringHK she is the Programme Officer, responsible for the organisation and coordination of sports programmes and events. Involvement in sports She used to involve in figure skating, now she enjoys softball and scuba diving. Because of her major, she also hike very often.
Oscar Ng, Sports Programme Coordinator

Oscar Ng

Sports Programme Coordinator
Background and role Mr Oscar Ng is the Sports Programme Coordinator mainly responsible for the management, coordination and administration of the sports programmes. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Hong Kong. Involvement in sports The sport that Oscar first fell in love with was basketball. He gave it up at secondary school due to study and family pressure, but the zeal for sports has been planted in his heart and it would not go away. He now comes back as a lover of fitness training, hiking and running.

Part Time Executives

Our team of part-time Administrative Assistants supports the front-line work of our sports programmes.

Jacky Lau, Part-time Administrative Assistant

Jacky Lau

Part-time Administrative Assistant
Mr Jacky Lau is a full-time undergraduate student in Hong Kong Shue Yan University, majoring Economics and Finance.
Hun Man Lai, Part-time Administrative Assistant

Hun Man Lai

Part-time Administrative Assistant
Mr Hun Man Lai is a full-time student at the Chinese University of Hong Kong studying the B.Sc. Programme in Exercise Science and Health Education.
Derek Lee, Part-time Administrative Assistant

Derek Lee

Part-time Administrative Assistant
Mr Derek Lee is a full-time student at the Baptist University of Hong Kong studying Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Physical Education and Recreation Management.
Victorica Lau, Part-time Administrative Assistant

Victorica Lau

Part-time Administrative Assistant
Miss Victorica Lau is DSE graduate and she will study nursing in the upcoming semester.
Bell Wu, Part-time Administrative Assistant

Bell Wu

Part-time Administrative Assistant
Miss Bell Wu is a full-time associate degree student in Community College of City University, majoring in Social Work.
Her Ka Yi, Part-time Administrative Assistant

Her Ka Yi

Part-time Administrative Assistant
Miss Her Ka Yi is a full-time undergraduate student in Hong Kong Polytechnic University, majoring in Social Work.
Chan Kin Hang, Part-time Administrative Assistant

Chan Kin Hang

Part-time Administrative Assistant
Mr. Chan Kin Hang is a HKBU graduate and is now studying Master of Exercise Science at CUHK.
Wing Hang Pow, Part-time Administrative Assistant

Wing Hang Pow

Part-time Administrative Assistant
Ms.Wing Hang Pow is a full-time student at the Education University of Hong Kong, studying Bachelor of Science Education (Sports Science). She is good at shot put and discus, she also enjoys handball.
Eva Chui, Part-time Administrative Assistant

Eva Chui

Part-time Administrative Assistant
Ms. Eva Chui is a year 3 student at the University of Hong Kong, majoring in Chinese Language and Literature, Chinese History and Culture. She enjoys playing sports, especially volleyball, running and hurdling.
Vickie Chan, Part-time Administrative Assistant

Vickie Chan

Part-time Administrative Assistant
Ms. Vickie Chan is a year three student from The University of Hong Kong majoring in Politics and Public Administration and Chinese Language and Literature. She likes playing handball and debating.
Kan chan, Part-time Administrative Assistant

Kan Chan

Part-time Administrative Assistant
Mr. Kan Chan is a full-time undergraduate student at the University of Hong Kong, majoring in Mechanical Engineering. He enjoys playing basketball.
Hayden Cho, Part-time Administrative Assistant

Hayden Cho

Part-time Administrative Assistant
Hayden is a full-time student studying Sports Administration at The Institute of Vocational Education. He plays wood ball and volleyball.