Youth Protection Policy

With reference to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), InspiringHK Sports Foundation (“IHKSports”) is committed to protecting youth that receive our services. This policy provides the overarching principles for all of our staff, coaches and volunteers to follow.  

We do not tolerate any form of abuse, including physical, verbal, emotional or sexual abuse, as well as negligent treatment. We recognize some of our students are underprivileged, are ethnic minority or have special education needs, and as such are potentially more vulnerable.

IHKSports adopts the following principles in its operations:

  1. putting students’ needs and safety as priority in planning and delivering all programmes and activities;
  2. creating an environment where students are respected and encouraged to voice out when concerned or mistreated;
  3. ensuring our staff, coaches and volunteers are of proper character e.g. through interviews, word-of-mouth and sexual conviction record check
  4. investigating and taking immediate action against any suspected abuse incidents, reports and allegations;
  5. taking any other reasonable actions to prevent and minimise the risk of any form of abuse or negligent treatment;  


This Youth Protection Policy applies to all full-time staff, part-time staff, service-contract coaches and volunteers (both Directors and Committee members).

Any matters in relation to Youth Protection Policy or incidents on applying the principles shall be reported to the Chairman of IHKSports (email: and/or any member of the board of directors.)

For more information on Plan’s child protection measures, contact us at (852) 560 560 13 or e-mail to