Programme Impact

How are our programmes unique?


Professional coaches

Former or current Hong Kong team sportsmen as coaches



Our students receive totally free sports training and professional equipment


Enrolment in competitions

Free enrolment in sports competitions to accelerate developing sportsmanship qualities


Well-balanced structure

A combination of sports, learning experience activities and mentorship

How do our students benefit?


Sportsmanship attributes such as perseverance and teamwork through our sports programmes


A sense of charity through our learning experience activities


Social equality through mentorship and better life opportunities

How do we measure our impact?

We have an impact measurement system to track the progress of our students in developing desirable attributes.
Measurement is conducted semi-annually, with parents and coaches invited into the process.

The system has been developed with credible Human Resource experts, and the attributes that we track include:


Sportsmanship and Attitude





How does success look like?

Our programmes have given our students a unique opportunity to grow up and created inspiring stories.
Here are 2 of them:

RUN Inspires!

Running is in general seen as an individual sports, but our RUN Inspires! students have proven the contrary. Distance running is about determination and perseverance, and without the support and inspiration from your teammates, one can hardly reach the finishing line.

They have also showed us that running is not only a race for medals, but a race for improvements and breakthroughs. Everyone can be a winner as far as they beat their previous self.


Words from students - Bee

“Running has greatly improved my perseverance. I used to just play video games but now long distance running has become my favourite pastime. I now run more than 30km when I get the chance. I also love the camaraderie I have developed with my running mates.“


Our little girls in WOMEN’S FOOTBALL Inspires! brave Hong Kong gender stereotypes by taking part in this sport. Their families feel indifferent and their classmates may even joke about them playing what is seen as a men’s sport.

Our class has provided a platform to face obstacles with a surprisingly positive attitude. They have trained increasingly harder to get better results in competitions so to prove Women’s Football is also worthy of respect.


Words from student - Cai

“I like playing football, because I enjoy playing in competitions with my friends. However, boys in our school always say that we are terrible. I will someday win competitions to prove them wrong!

My mom wants me to learn dancing instead, but I hope to keep on playing football until this course finished at least.”