Learning Experience Activities


  • 23 March 2019

    The Green Atrium Sustainability Tour


    Over 40 students from CRICKET Inspires!, SHUTTLECOCK Inspires! and YOUnique! TAEKWANDO participated in a tour to the Green Atrium. Students learnt about the importance of environmental protection and sustainable development with the aid of a themed exhibition and interactive displays. During a guided tour to a farm, they gained a better understanding of organic farming and how it helps preserve the natural ecosystem.

  • 27 Jan 2019

    Annual CNY elderly service


    For the second year in a row, InspiringHK Sports Foundation partnered with the Aberdeen Kai-fong Association and supported their annual CNY elderly service. This year, ROPE-SKIPPING Inspires! and Taekwando Inspires! Kowloon City classes joined hands with Zonta Club of Hong Kong II. volunteers to celebrate CNY earlier on with the elderly. Apart from the delicious feast, , the centre had also prepared brilliant performances such as Elderly Lion Dance, Classic Song Singing Performance, gymnastics, and the fascinating rope-skipping and taekwondo performances by our students.. ROPE-SKIPPING Inspires! students showed confidence and perfectness in their performance; the relatively green Taekwando Inspires! students also showed great improvement, which is a huge encouragement.

  • 6 Jan 2019

    Hong Kong Disneyland Resort Community Involvement Programme

    The Community Involvement Programme of Hong Kong Disneyland Resort had granted free tickets to our students and their family members. The families enjoyed a memorable and lovely Sunday at the resort.

  • 9 Dec 2018


    Duration: 3 hours

    Students from TRIAL RUN Inspires! and SSG Capital Management (Hong Kong) Limited attended an event called “WAZRZONE90” which was organised by the Humanitarian Education Centre of Hong Kong Red Cross. Both students and volunteers were shocked to learn of the misery of war, w through a series of experience programmes simulating the daily life in a warzone. More importantly, the programme strengthen their determination to become a responsible citizen and build a better society.

  • 10 Nov 2018

    Organic Farming

    Duration: 5 hours; no. of students: 60

    60 students from FENCING Inspires! and ROPE-SKIPPING Inspires! went to an organic farm managed by the Produce Greens Foundation with Tsit Wing Coffee’s volunteerse. Through various activities, the participants learnt to make organic bread, recycled paper and even had a taste of farming! We hope they had taken away an appreciation of nature.

  • 15 Oct 2018

    The Prudential HK Tennis Open 2018

    Duration: 4 hours; no. of students: 14

    14 students from SWIM Inspires! and WOMEN’S FOOTBALL Inspires! watched the Prudential Hong Kong Tennis Open Finals with members of the Zonta Club of Hong Kong II , during the match, Zonta Club of Hong Kong II members explained the rules and etiquette of tennis. The students were inspired by the respect and the never-giving-up spirit of the players.

  • 15 Sep 2018

    Mooncake Workshop

    Duration: 2 hours; no. of students: 9

    Students from “GOLF Inspires!", "ROPE SKIPPING Inspires!" and "TAEKWONDO Inspires!" were invited to join a mooncake workshop at FL Fusion. Not only did students have a great time enjoying dim sums and chatting with volunteers from Tsit Wing Group, they were also reminded the importance of teamwork when making mooncakes together!

  • 25 Aug 2018

    Leadership Training Camp 2018

    Duration: 10 hours; no. of students: 41

    41 multi-national students from GOLF Inspires!, RUN Inspires!, ROPE SKIPPING Inspires! and SWIM Inspires! participated in a series of physically-challenging tasks in our annual adventure-based leadership training camp. They learned to respect, fostered a sense of team spirit and sharpened their leadership skills. We hope they would take what they had learnt and use the skills along their life.

  • 7th-9th August 2018

    TWG Job Shadowing Programme

    Duration: 24 hours

    Three students from GOLF Inspires! and RUN Inspires! joined the Tsit Wing Group (TWG) Job Shadowing Programme, marking the third anniversary of IHKSports's participation in the programme. The job shadowing programme was extended from two days to three days, allowing students to gain more exposure to the corporate culture and a thorough understanding of the functionality of different departments. We thank TWG staff for their patience in giving guidance to our students.

  • 6th August 2018

    ROPE SKIPPING Inspires Graduation Camp

    Duration: 25 hours

    Students from ROPE- SKIPPING Inspires! Beginners and Advanced classes of Kowloon City participated in an overnight graduation camp, whereby they reflected on their learning experience and shared their growth over the past two years with their friends. There was a session whereby they were encouraged to motivate their friends to continue to strive for their best in the future.

  • 18th - 24th July 2018

    Hong Kong Sports and Leisure Expo

    Duration: 5 hours

    Students from GOLF Inspires! and RUN Inspires! classes volunteered to help at our promotional booth at the Sports & Leisure Expo this summer. They conducted fitness assessments for the visitors and encouraged them to experience indoor cycling. Most importantly, the students took the opportunity to promote our campaign SportsHour to the public, especially to youngsters and their parents about the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

  • 2 May 2018

    Dunk Kong 2018

    Duration: 3 hours

    Students from GOLF Inspires! and RUN Inspires! were invited to participate “Dunk Kong” at Southorn Stadium, enjoying the match between Team Matrix, a team led by NBA All-Star Champion Shawn Marion and Eastern Long Lions Basketball Team. The two teams played a thrilling game. There was also slam dunk performance conducted by different elites, including the high-flying dunker, Jordan Kilganon and other professional players liike Darlington, Sherman Su and Brandon Matano. Throughout the show, students learnt the importance of teamwork and practicing.

  • 26 Apr 2018


    Duration: 3.5 hours

    Students from TAEKWONDO Inspires!, GOLF Inspires!, ROPE-SKIPPING Inspires! and RUN Inspires! and their parents were invited to watch the Cirque Du Soleil, KOOZA show. The show paid homage to their roots of the Cirque Du Soleil by combining thrilling, heart-stopping acrobatic performance with the art of clowning. The show inspired students the importance of practicing and believing in your teammates.

  • 2 Apr 2018

    Elderly Visit

    Duration: 3.5 hours

    After receiving volunteer training, IHKSports students played games and interacted with elderly who are suffering from Dementia. After the visit, all of the students expressed that they had developed a new perspective and obtained new knowledge on our senior citizens and were more motivated to show care and love for the elderly.

  • 17 Mar 2018

    Shooting Campaign

    Duration: 1.5 hours

    Students from TAEKWONDO Inspires! participated the shooting campaign arranged by Nam Wah Catholic Secondary School and Shooting Workshop. Not only testing students’ fitness, they developed teamwork with each other.

  • 17 Mar 2018

    TWC Annual Dinner Performance

    Duration: 2.5 hours

    InspiringHK’s long-term supporter Tsit Wing Coffee have invited students from the ROPE-SKIPPING Inspires! Advanced Class to perform at their Annual Dinner. The students have wowed the audience by showing off their impressive techniques!

  • 11 Feb 2018

    CNY Elderly Chinese Pot Activity

    Duration: 4.5 hours

    ROPE-SKIPPING Inspires! Shatin and Kowloon City classes were join hands with Dah Sing Bank corporate volunteers to conduct a community service at Aberdeen Kai-fong Association, celebrating CNY earlier on with elderly. The centre had served big feast - traditional chinese pot dish for elderly to enjoy. In addition, there were different performance, such as Senior Lion Dance, Classic Singing performance, Fitness exercise, etc… The finale show highlighted a rope skipping performance conducted by Shatin class. The show was a successful one and it had proven the hardworks from the class. Dah Sing Bank corporate volunteers and elderly enjoyed the show a lot.

  • 28 Jan 2018

    Opportunity Festival

    Duration: 7.5 hours

    28 students from SWIM Inspires!, RUN Inspires! and GOLF Inspires! participated in the Opportunity Festival organized by OWN Academy. There were more than 20 workshops, booths and talks held by different organizations and companies. Students were exposed to opportunities about creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship in the society.

  • 18 Nov 2017

    Nature Appreciation - School of Everyday Life

    Duration: 5 hours

    29 students from Shuttlecock Inspires! and Golf Inspires! attended the School of Everyday Life event on 18 Nov 2017. Through playing interactive games and observing different exhibits, students learnt to reflect upon on the plentiful resources that are given to them and were encouraged to do more observations of the surroundings.

  • 21 Oct 2017

    National Gymnastics Extravaganza

    Duration: 2.5 hours

    Students from ROPE-SKIPPING Inspires! and their families watched the National Gymnastics Extravaganza. The spectacular performance by the Olympic medalists as well as members of the Hong Kong gymnastics team motivated the students to practice and develop teamwork with others.

  • 23 Sep 2017

    Be an Environmental Pioneer by Our Hands Farm

    Duration: 6.5 hours

    Our students from WOMEN'S FOOTBALL Inspires!, ROPE-SKIPPING Inspires! and HOCKEY Inspires! participated in the Our Hands Farm programme, whereby they learned problem-solving skills and developed team spirit through making chopsticks and preparing vegetarian meals themselves.

  • 2 Sep 2017

    Aquatics Leadership Training Camp

    Duration: 10 hours

    3 In order to have a breakthrough on personal challenge, InspringHK Sports Foundation had for the first time arranged a aquatics leadership training camp for students from Run Inspires!, Dance Inspires!, Swim Inspires! and Golf Inspires classes. Under the guidance of qualified coaches, both our Non Chinese students and Chinese students demonstrated social inclusion and team spirit through close co-operation when conducting different tasks.

  • 14-15 Aug 2017

    TWG Job Shadowing Programme

    Duration: 16 hours

    3 Run Inspires! students participated the Job Shadowing programme organised by Twit Wing Group. Students were assigned to Procurement, Administrative and Engineering departments, getting a chance to learn about corporate culture and the challenges of different departments. Staffs of Twit Wing Group shared a lot with our students, initiating students to think and plan their future, searching what they like to do and recognising what their strengths are.

  • 2 July 2017

    OMAK Practice

    Duration: 6 hours

    Hockey Inspires! students participated the workshop organised by School of Everyday Life in Tai Po. Students learnt more about the origin of food and appreciation to food via a farming experience, workshop and interactive game. During lunch, student adjusted their food amount and reserved the leftover as fertiliser. The thankfulness workshop taught students the importance of empathy and appreciation. At last, students made thank you card and art piece to show their love to their parents.

  • 13 May 2017

    Harrow International School Invitation Weekend

    Duration: 3.5 hours

    Our Run Inspires!, GOLF Inspires!, DANCE Inspires! and ROPE SKIPPING Inspires! Classes were invited by Harrow International School Hong Kong to experience playing different sports such as Football and Netball. On the day students from Harrow acted as coaches for InspiringHK students, showed them the ropes and had a couple of matches with them. The 2 groups interacted with each other in English, and our students took the opportunity out to teach the coach Cantonese! This really showed sports is a common language that breaks down cultural and language barriers. The entire activity - both the interactions before the match and the match itself - were a valuable learning opportunity for our students.

  • 6 May 2017

    Elderly Visit

    Duration: 2.5 hours

    ROPE SKIPPING Inspires! students conducted home visit at Kowloon City district, delivering warmth and caring to the elderly. The community service not only gave students a chance to contribute to the society, but also sharpens their empathy and communication skill.

  • 1 Apr 2017

    “Breaking 7” Movie Appreciation

    Duration: 2.5 hours

    RUN Inspires! & GOLF Inspires! students attended the “Breaking 7” Movie Appreciation and Sharing Session. The documentary was about the protagonist pursuing the dream of attending the 2012 London Olympics. Though she did not manage to make it, she did not lose heart. During the sharing session, she told the audience she was now training very hard to represent Hong Kong in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. She set a perfect example for our students - it is through not losing heart and challenging ourselves will we be able to reach new heights.

  • 11 Mar 2017

    LegCo Visit & Ren Zhe Sculptures Exhibition

    Duration: 4 hours

    To enhance the civic awareness and understanding of the legislature of our students, InspiringHK Sports Foundation collaborated with Legislative Council to organise a Guided Educational Tour in the Legislative Council Complex for WOMEN’S FOOTBALL Inspires! and HOCKEY Inspires! (Beginner’s class). After that, students appreciated art in "Gang", The Awakened Warrior Ren Zhe Sculptures Exhibition.

  • 4 Mar 2017

    Tsit Wing Group Annual Dinner Dance Performance

    Duration: 3 hours

    Students from our DANCE Inspires! Class were invited by Tsit Wing Group to perform in their annual dinner. This is the fourth time the students performed, and they have continued to make great improvements not only in terms of skills but also their confidence.

  • 25 Feb 2017

    Historical Trail with Watershed Hong Kong

    Duration: 4.5 hours

    Guided by instructors from Watershed Hong Kong, 9 students from GOLF Inspires ventured to the War Relics Trail (Shing Mun), where they explored wartime ruins once built for the defense of the Second World War. It was a day they immersed in Hong Kong's military history and appreciate the sacrifice made by soldiers defending Hong Kong.

  • 18 Feb 2017

    One Breath Basketball Clinic

    Duration: 3 hours

    Invited by Nuts Basketball, Our RUN Inspires students had the chance to attend a Basketball Clinic held by One Breath Basketball & Leadership Academy. They had fun and improved a lot learning from from members of the A1 Division basketball league of Hong Kong!

  • 7 Jan 2017

    Project Home Works by Habitat for Humanity

    Duration: 7 hours

    13 students from our Run Inspires! and Swim inspires! classes took part in Project Home Works organised by Habitat for Humanity Hong Kong. Led by our executives, they painted walls, flatted ceilings and cleaned elderlies’ homes. Our students learnt practical DIY skills, and also teamwork where they divided labour among themselves.

  • 6th December 2016

    UBS Hong Kong Open Charity Concert Performance

    Duration: 2 Hours

    Students from DANCE Inspires! joined a charity performance organized by Friends of Asia and Hong Kong Golf Club. Students perform well in the performance and greeted with a storm of applause, it gives a high motivation to the students to learn dance continuously. They feel very grateful to have this memorable experience.

  • 4th December 2016

    Visit to Single Elderly Households in Kowloon City

    Durarion: 3 Hours

    As Christmas and New Year is around, students from IHKxLEHK FENCING Inspires!, HOCKEY Inspires! and TENNIS Inspires! together paid a visit to single elderly households in Kowloon City in order to show some warm-hearted carings to the elderly. This event not only offered them an opportunity to give back to society, but also sharpens their communication skills and strengthens their ability to get empathized with other members of the community.

  • 25th November 2016

    Clyde&Co Charity Musical Evening Performance

    Durarion: 2 Hours

    Students from DANCE Inspires! join a charity musical evening performance were invited by Clyde&Co and Friends of Asia Hong Kong, they get great feedback after the performance and it improves the confidence of the students so much.

  • 5th November 2016

    The 29th Hong Kong - Guangzhou Invitation Tournament

    Durarion: 5 Hours

    SHUTTLECOCK Inspires! students went to support Mr.Lam, their head coach, in the Hong Kong-Guangzhou tournament in which he participated. Not only did the students for the first time learn about what a Shuttlecock competition was like, but also more importantly, they wrote thank you cards as a supportive gesture to their coach! After the competition is finished, the students asked so many questions to the coach in a 30-minute debriefing session. It was a fruitful and meaningful event that both coaches, parents and students were very fulfilled.

  • 23th October 2016

    Freemasons Charity Walk

    Durarion: 5 Hours

    Students from FENCING Inspires!, TENNIS Inspires!, ROPE SKIPPING Inspires!, GOLF Inspires! and SWIM Inspires! joined Freemasons’ Charity Walk in Peng Chau in order to raise funds for IHK. During the walk, the students helped explain to other participants why IHK work has been beneficial to them using their own stories as examples!

  • 10th October 2016

    Prudential Hong Kong Tennis Open

    Duration: 4 hours

    Our students from TENNIS Inspires! and Shuttlecock Inspires! were invited to watch world-class tennis matches in the Prudential Hong Kong Tennis Open 2016. They were all inspired by the perseverance and sportsmanship that the tennis players demonstrated. Our students from TENNIS Inspires! even had the chance to accompany tennis players into the main court, and were extremely excited by it!

  • 8th October 2016

    Battle-of-Victors Boxing Game Watching

    Durarion: 4 Hours

    Students from ROPE SKIPPING Inspires!, GOLF Inspires!, Fencing Inspires!Tuen Mun and SWIM Inspires! have witnessed ‘Wonder Kid’ and IHK Ambassdador Rex Tso’s 20th conseutive victory against his Japanese rival Ryuto Maekawa. Students were concentrated and fully supportive of Rex, cheering wholeheartedly for Rex during the game. They were inspired by Rex’s humbleness and respect towards his rival and learned that the rivals in the sport are not one’s enemies.

  • 25th September 2016

    Survival Camp by Our Hands Farm

    Duration: 6 hours

    Our students from SHUTTLECOCK Inspires!, IHK x LEHK FENCING Inspires! and Rope Skipping Inspires! joined the ‘Survival Camp” arranged by Our Hands Farm. There they learnt problem solving skill and developed team spirit by learning how to make utensils with wood and prepare lunch themselves with limited tools.

  • 15th September 2016

    NBA Basketball Clinic with Drexler

    Duration: 1.5 hours

    ROPE SKIPPING Inspires!, RUN Inspires! and Golf Inspires! students spent a special mid-autumn night with the NBA Hall of Famer Clyde Drexler in a NBA Basketball Clinic organised by NBA Cares. In the 1-hour clinic, students have learned basketball skills from the legend and even asked for his valuable opinion on the key to success. Students were very impressed by the team spirit and hard work stressed by Drexler.

  • 29 August 2016

    HK Golf Club Tree Trial

    Duration: 2 hours

    Parents and students of TENNIS Inspires! and IHK X LEHK FENCING Inspires! participated in a “Tree Trial” event held by Hong Kong Golf Club recently. With the guidance of the docent, both students and parents learnt much more about Mother Nature and have also committed to do their best in protecting the environment.

  • 28th August 2016

    Meeting with China Volleyball Team

    Duration: 1 hour

    As the Olympics in Rio was coming to an end, China’s national team athletes, including the women’s national volleyball team, paid a visit to Hong Kong and showcased their world-class skills. Our Rope Skipping Inspires! were invited to attend the event and had the privilege to interact with the athletes. This was a precious opportunity for the students to learn from the national team’s sportsmanship and team spirit.

  • 27-28th August 2016

    Overnight Leadership Camp

    Duration: 13.5 hours

    RUN Inspires!, DANCE Inspires!, GOLF Inspires! and ROPE SKIPPING Inspires! students participated in a two-day-one-night leadership training camp organized by InspiringHK for the first time. They have undergone two intensive training sessions, namely bamboo walking and adventure-based water challenge.Both of the activities helped foster the team spirit and sharpened their leadership skills, which complements their weekly training in the sports programmes.

  • 24th August 2016

    Gold Medal Rope Skippers 360

    Duration: 3 hours

    Our students from ROPE SKIPPING Inspires! and SHUTTLEOCK Inspires Tuen Mun felt blessed with the privilege to join the rope skipping performance in Ngong Ping Village with Hong Kong Team 01, the world championship rope skipping athletes.

  • 13th August 2016

    The H.A.N.D.S. Up! Hong Kong Thumb Wrestling Championship

    Duration: 5 hours

    8 students from HOCKEY Inspires! and ROPE SKIPPING Inspires! Tuen Mun participated in the H.A.N.D.S Up! Hong Kong Thumb Wrestling Championship, and they had a first taste of how fun thumb wrestling could be. To the audience and organiser ’s surprise and delight, one of our students managed to get to the final and win a second runner-up despite huge height and weight disadvantage. Students’ triumph and hard work were reported by media such as TVB and the thumb wrestling organiser from United Kingdom.

  • 20th July - 10 August 2016

    Global Youth Leaders Academy

    Duration: 21 hours

    3 RUN Inspires! students joined the Global Youth Leaders Academy organised by the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups, where they have exchanged ideas about leadership with local and global fellows in a total of 7 3-hour workshops, lectures and dialogue sessions.

  • 23th July 2016

    Arena Aqua Splash Day

    Duration: 3 hours

    IHK x LEHK FENCING Inspires! students learned basic swimming skills at Areana Aqua Splash Day organized by Arena and Hong Kong Amateur Swimming Association. In the 3-hour session, young students first found themselves anxious about water, then gradually overcame such fear and eventually came to enjoy the fun of swimming. Although they have not yet mastered such a skill, the event has already left a memorable learning experience for their future growth.

  • 18-19th July 2016

    Tsit Wing Group Job Shadowing Programme

    Duration: 16 hours

    4 students from RUN Inspires! Shum Shui Po class participated in the job shadowing programme organized by Tsit Wing Group. Working at various departments such as human resources, computer and maintenance, the students have had a taste of the joys and difficulties of work. Albeit being assigned some seemingly trivial administration tasks, the students have showned their sense of responsibility and spirit of hard work learned from the running class. The programme has not only brought about applause to the students from their colleagues, but also some inspirations to students in discovering their career path.

  • 3rd July 2016

    “We ♥ Sports” Mini-Olympics

    Duration: 8 hours

    With the Rio 2016 Olympics being around the corner, InspiringHK would like to pass on the positive energy of the Olympics to students and other participants through “We ♥ Sports” Mini-Olympics, and give them a taster of the Olympic values – “respect, friendship and excellence”! Approximately 300 participants, including corporate donors, athlete supporters, students from partnering schools and IHK, parents and volunteers joined the event composed of track and field events as well as mini games; Students set up various booths for photo-taking and Olympics-related exhibitions. In particular, Rex Tso (曹星如), Yapp Hung Fai(葉鴻輝) and other Hong Kong athletes competed in a 4x100m celebrity invitation relay, bringing the game to its climax.

  • 21th May 2016

    Oxfam Climate Change Workshop

    Duration: 4.5 hours

    Our students from HOCKEY Inspires! and WOMEN’S FOOTBALL Inspires! attended the A Cloud on the Horizon Workshop organised by Oxfam. In the activity, our students learnt about the threats faced by people who live on island nations due to rise in sea levels. Through a series of enactments, they discovered how poor people are affected the most.

  • 23th April 2016

    Hong Kong Baptist University Dance Association Annual Dance Show

    Duration: 2 hours

    DANCE Inspires! students went to the Hong Kong Baptist University and watched a dance show organised by the Dance Association of the University. One of the performances were directed by their coach Tze Ying. Our students were very impressed by the spectacular performance, and said that they wanted to work hard and improve to reach the level of the performers one day.

  • 23th April 2016

    Habitat for Humanity – Project Home Works

    Duration: 5 hours

    RUN Inspires! students from our Sham Shui Po and Kwun Tong classes took part in Project Home Works organised by Habitat for Humanity Hong Kong. Led by our executives, they painted walls, flatted ceilings and cleaned elderlies’ homes. Our students learnt practical DIY skills, and also teamwork where they divided labour among themselves. The elderlie’s who benefited all said they did a great job.

  • 3rd April 2016

    LUSH Environmental Workshop

    Duration: 2 hours

    Students from our ROPE SKIPPING Inspires! Sha Tin Class attended a workshop organised by LUSH. They learnt the importance of protecting the environment and how to make colourful Bubble Bars!

  • 20th March 2016

    Doraemon Run 2016

    Duration: 2.5 hours

    Students from the following classes took part in the Doraemon Run 2km Race. In the race they overcame 3 stages where there were different obstacles, including water pipes, triangle maze and giant slide. Students helped each other at each stage, showing the power of team work. ☆ LEHK x FENCING Inspires! ☆ TENNIS Inspires! ☆ ROPE SKIPPING Inspires! Sha Tin Class ☆ RUN Inspires!

  • 19th March 2016

    Tsit Wing Group Annual Dinner Rope Skipping Show

    Duration: 1.5 hours

    Students from our ROPE SKIPPING Inspires! Class were invited by Tsit Wing Group to perform in their annual dinner. This is the third time the students performed, and they become very coherent in their performance.

  • 27th February 2016

    Sino Group Annual Dinner Rope Skipping Show

    Duration: 1.5 hours

    Students from our ROPE SKIPPING Inspires! Class were invited by the Sino Group to perform in their annual dinner. For the students this is their 2nd public performance, where they were spectated by more than 1000 people, giving a great boost to their confidence.

  • 20 DEC 2015

    InspiringHK Sports Foundation 3rd Anniversary x Prize Giving Ceremony x Christmas Party

    Duration: 4.5 hours

    Students of IHK, parents, coaches, ambassadors, HK elite athletes, donors and corporate supporters gathered under the same roof to celebrate IHK’s third anniversary! In the morning of the day, Mr Rex Tso – the WBC Asia Continental champion of the year 2012 and who has had 19 successive wins without defeat in his career – led our students and guests in doing 10,000 push-ups. This was to raise money for IHK’s free-of-charge swimming course for underprivileged South-East Asian teenagers. Mr Rex Tso also became our ambassador on the same day. In the afternoon, a prize giving ceremony was held to reward students. They were also encouraged to set up new goals in the coming year. There was also a lucky draw that included a big lego set!

  • 3 NOV 2015

    Bread Run for Feeding Hong Kong

    Duration: 3 hours

    Our RUN Inspires! students and their mentors collected bread from around the city to the food bank Feeding Hong Kong! They covered bread shops in Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. All the bread was fresh, and was served to the needy through other NGOs on the next day.

  • 31 Oct 2015

    2nd Mentorship Orientation

    Duration: 2.5 hours

    Our 2nd batch of students and their mentors came together and attended an orientation session. They learnt about the expectations of the programme as well as their roles and responsibilities. Mentors from the 1st batch also came over to share their experience. There are 34 mentors and mentees in the 2nd batch.

  • 24 Oct 2015

    Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park Discovery

    Duration: 4 hours

    Led by corporate volunteers from International Payment Solutions Limited, students from LEHK FENCING Inspires! and TENNIS Inspires! visited Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park. They learnt about the effects of fishing on marine life and observed marine life from a glass-bottom-boat. This greatly raised their awareness of environmental protection.

  • 21 Oct 2015

    UBS Hong Kong Open Community Day

    Duration: 4 hours

    Invited by the UBS Hong Kong Open, our students from ROPE-SKIPPING Inspires! performed in front of a huge crowd that included world-class golfers!

  • 17-18 Oct 2015

    Prudential Hong Kong Tennis Open

    Duration: 4 hours

    Our students from RUN Inspires! and TENNIS Inspires! were invited by the Hong Kong Tennis Association to watch world-class tennis matches in the Prudential Hong Kong Tennis Open 2015. Our students from TENNIS Inspires! even had the chance to accompany tennis players into the main court, and were extremely excited by it!

  • 13 SEP 2015

    Friendly Football Match with Canadian International School

    Duration: 2 hours

    Our students from WOMEN'S FOOTBALL Inspires! had a friendly match with students from the Canadian International School. Despite language barriers, they were able to build friendships through the universal language of sports. Everyone involved fully immersed themselves in the field, and experienced what "level playing field" means.

  • 5 SEP 2015

    Visiting Single Elderlies in Kowloon City

    Duration: 4 hours

    Our students from TENNIS Inspires! and corporate volunteers from International Payment Solutions Limited visited and offered care to single elderlies in Kai Ching Estate in Kowloon City.

  • 29 AUG 2015

    Sai Kung Leadership Day Camp and Barbeque

    Duration: 11 hours

    Our students from RUN Inspires! trained at The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups Jockey Club Sai Kung Outdoor Training Centre for a day. Students had a debriefing session after the training to consolidate what they learnt through the training. At the end they were rewarded with a massive barbeque.

  • 15 AUG 2015

    Making Sha Tin Green - Jump Starting a Healthy Life Style With Rope Skipping and Recycling Event

    Duration: 3 hours

    Our students from ROPE-SKIPPING Inspires!, with the invitation of our corporate partner Tsit Wing Coffee Co., Ltd, went to this event. They shared with the public the tips and benefits of rope skipping, through which they strengthened their communications skills. They also learnt about the importance of recycling.

  • 12 JUL 2015

    Be a Farmer

    Duration: 6 hours

    Our students from ROPE-SKIPPING Inspires!, WOMEN’S FOOTBALL Inspires!, HOCKEY Inspires! and FENCING Inspires! joined hands with staff members from our corporate partner, Chinese Estates Holdings Limited, and participated in an activity arranged by “Our Hands Farm”. There they learnt problem solving skill and developed team spirit.

  • 9 MAY 2015

    Visit to Single Elderly Households in Kowloon City

    Duration: 4 hours

    Our students from ROPE-SKIPPING Inspires! and WOMEN'S FOOTBALL Inspires! joined hands with staff members from our two corporate partners, Chinese Estates Holdings Limited and Tsit Wing Group, and visited single elderly households with care and support.

  • 3 MAY 2015

    Heritage Cycling Tour with Junior Chamber International

    Duration: 4 hours

    Our students from DANCE Inspires! and RUN Inspires! joined Junior Chamber International in a heritage cycling tour in the northern New Territories and learnt about the local cultural heritage.

  • 6 APR 2015

    Lush Environmental Party and Workshop

    Duration: 2 hours

    Our students from ROPE-SKIPPING Inspires! and WOMEN'S FOOTBALL Inspires! participated in the Lush environmental party and workshop. There they learnt more about the environment through interactive games and activities. We hope the students can apply what they have learnt and contribute in our environmental protection in the future!

  • 20th December 2014

    Heritage Run in Wanchai and Happy Valley with RUN MORE

    Duration: 2.5 hours

    RUN Inspires! Students joined RUN MORE’s 2.5-hour-long city run events in order to learn more about Wan Chai’s community history.

  • 22th November 2014

    Visit to Single Elderlies in Ma On Shan

    Duration: 4 hours

    RUN Inspires! and DANCE Inspires! visited the elderlies living alone in Ma On Shan with volunteers from Chinese Estates Holdings Limited, showing their love and care while learning about the needed in society.

  • 7th October 2014

    “My Voice My Life” Movie Premiere

    Duration: 2 hours

    RUN inspires! AND DANCE Inspires! students attended “My Voice My Life” Movie Premiere. The movie tells youngsters tells the stories of a group of underprivileged Hong Kong youngsters who underwent six months of vigorous trainings to produce a musical on stage. We hope this movie can inspire students to persist through their two-year sports training.

  • 4th October 2014

    Visit to Elderlies in Ma On Shan

    Duration: 3 hours

    Our students joined an elderly visit activity arranged by the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Hong Kong.

  • 21th September 2014

    “Dream Illusion Bubble Shadow” Performance and Backstage Tour

    Duration: 2 hours

    Invited by Hong Kong Dance Federation, DANCE Inspires! students went to watch “Dream Illusion Bubble Shadow” Performance and had the privilege to visit the backstage and interact with local choreographer and dancer Yuri Ng.

  • 30th August 2014

    Leadership Camp in Stanley

    Duration: 11 hours

    RUN Inspires! and DANCE Inspires! students took park in our leadership camp in Stanley for leadership skills and team work training.

  • 28th June 2014

    Hoi Ha Wan Exploration

    Duration: 4 hours

    RUN Inspires! students and colleagues from Chinese Estate Holdings Limited, one of our corporate sponsors, visited the Jockey Club HSBC WWF Hong Kong Hoi Ha Marine Life Centre. They have learned about marine biodiversity on a glass-bottom-boat.