GOLF Inspires!

Current Class

District: North District
Class Time: 1700-1830, 1800 – 1930, Every Friday
Starting Date: August 2016
Ending Date: July 2018
Number of students: 17
Age: 13 – 15


District: North District
Class Time: 1530 – 1730, Every Monday
Starting Date: September 2017
Ending Date: August 2019
Number of students: 20
Age: 6 – 8

Titled-sponsor: Friends of Asia (Hong Kong)
Collaboration partner: The Hong Kong Golf Club, PLK Ma Kam Ming College, Buddhist Fat Ho Memorial College

Titled-sponsor: Friends of Asia (Hong Kong)
Collaboration partner: The Hong Kong Golf Club, Tsang Mui Millennium School

Golf is perceived as a sport for the rich. However it is not easy to learn and requires strict clothing etiquette under prolonged, exposed conditions.
During matches players need to be very aware of their performance. The complex rules introduces many opportunities for penalties. Players need to respect others and mark their scores under directions. It is therefore a sport with which youth can become independent and learn to solve problems maturely.

Coach Profile

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Mr Ray Fung has 20 years of golf experience. He has joined the Hong Kong Golf Club as a professional player and is now under the training programme of British PGA.


Mr James Wong has been playing golf for over 20 years. Between 1996 and 2002 he was the Hong Kong Golf Team Representative, winning several championships for Hong Kong. Since 2003, he turned professional and won silver medal in the National Games of China in 2014. 


Sharing & Feedback

Many people are still under the impression that golf is a noble sport that without money you cannot play and succeed. Actually, a lot of golfers worked their way up from poverty, including me as well. Students may think they have merely 1 session a week, while the wealthy can afford up to 4 times more. But I used to train only once a week as well.
You can find inspirations from every kind of sport and golf is no exception. As long as you persevere, you will eventually achieve something like me. At the end of the day, even if we do not reach the top, I believe we will still take away something with us from golf.

Coach – James

It is a great opportunity to the Golf Club, we try to encourage any players to take up the sport, not only learning the skills but also the integrity and the history of golf. Having the chance to teach the kids from day 1, we are confident that they could start playing at the golf course after 6 months.

Mr Dean Nelson, Director of Golf, HKGC 

Playing golf has made me more concentrated in daily life, which improves my academic performance. I have broadened my horizon here since joining this programme.

– Hoh Kiu, Student



  • Intra-class friendly
  • Golf (Driving Range) Competition 2017