RUN Inspires!

Previous Class Details

District: Sham Shui Po
Class Time: 1800-2000
Starting Date: April 2014
Ending Date: May 2016
Number of students: 16
Age: 13 – 18

Current Class Details

District: Kwun Tong
Class Time: 1930-2130, Every Friday
Starting Date: June 2015
Ending Date: May 2017
Number of students: 15
Age: 13 – 18


District: Sham Shui Po
Class Time: 1830-2030, Every Tuesday
Starting Date: October 2016
Ending Date: September 2018
Number of students: 20
Age: 13 – 18


District: Kwai Tsing
Class Time: 1930-2130 , Every Monday
Starting Date: January 2017
Ending Date: December 2018
Number of students: 21
Age: 13 – 18

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Titled-sponsor: The D.H. Chen Foundation
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Running has become popular in Hong Kong. Running has lots of benefits, from improving the cardiorespiratory system to maintaining a good body shape. Moreover, it also trains perseverance.


Apart from providing free training sessions, we will also take students to competitions. Through the process of challenging their own records, we hope to develop their eagerness for improvement.
Our coaches Mr Chan Ka Ho and and Ms Yiu Kit Ching are the best runners in Hong Kong. They are both our coaches and ambassadors. , They are great models for our students to look up to.

Coach Profile


Mr Chan Ka Ho  is a record holder of the Hong Kong 3,000m run, Hong Kong 3,000m steeplechase, Hong Kong Youth 4 x 1,500m relay, Hong Kong 4 x 1,500m relay and the University Sports Federation of Hong Kong 5,000m run.  He is formerly the record holder for the Hong Kong 15km run and the half-marathon. He is also our sports ambassador.


Ms Yiu Kit Ching is the HK record holder for 15km run, 3,000m steeplechase  and 4 x1,500m relay. Her numerous accolades include Athlete of the Year in 2007, 2008 and 2011 and 2013 Female Athlete of the Year from the Hong Kong Amateur Athletic Association. She is the fourth HK marathoner to qualify for the Olympics and will compete in the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics.

Both Ka Ho and Kit Ching are our sports ambassadors.


Sharing & Feedback

Our students have become ever more disciplined as the course progressed. We are very glad to see them improving and reaching new heights. We are confident that they have developed great perseverance, and what they need to do now is to apply it to other aspects of life.

– Ka Ho and Kit Ching, Coaches

Running has greatly improved my perseverance. I used to just play video games but now long distance running has become my favourite pastime. I now run more than 30km when I get the chance. I also love the camaraderie I have developed with my running mates. When I am in a group, I no longer shy away, but make friends with people.

– Bee, Student


  • HKFYG Run For Wellness
  • PUMA Hong Kong Youth Road Relay 2017
  • Centenary Challenge Cup
  • Ocean Park Conservation Foundation Hong Kong RUN FOR SURVIVAL 2017
  • WWF Run for change 2017
  • HKGC Charity Ultra Marathon
  • POLAR High Island GEO Run 2017
  • 2016 Mount Xiqiao Ultra-Marathon
  • Mothers’ Day, Everyone Run FOODSPORT “MCP HUNGER RUN 2016”
  • AVOHK 5K Series 2016
  • Pocari Sweat Run Carnival 2016
  • Ocean Park Conservation Foundation Hong Kong RUN FOR SURVIVAL 2016
  • DORAEMON RUN 2016 in Hong Kong
  • Sai Kung District New Year 10 km Race
  • Sham Shui Po District Distance Run 2015/16
  • SHKP Vertical Run for Charity
  • Fun Race in the Park
  • 2015 GAC-TOYOTA Guangzhou Marathon
  • Metro City Plaza X FOODSPORT RUN FOR FOOD 2015
  • Air Ranger 10th Anniversary 10KM Challenge Cup
  • 9th Tolo Harbour 10Km Race (4Km Beat Drugs – Juniors)
  • Beat the Banana! Charity Run 2015