SWIM Inspires!

Current Class Details

District: Sai Kung
Class Time: 1530-1700 (Sunday)
Starting Date: July 2016
Ending Date: June 2018
Number of students: 15
Age: 13-19

Titled-sponsor: N/A
Collaboration partner: Kwun Tong Division, The Hong Kong Police Force, Hong Kong Taoist Association The Yuen Yuen Institute No. 3 Secondary School

With the assistance of the Kwun Tong Division of the Hong Kong Police Force and HKTA The Yuen Yuen Institute No.3 Secondary School, we discovered 15 girls who aspired to learn swimming but failed to make it a reality due to religious concerns.

Having the support from Arena Hong Kong and Stanford Swim School, InspiringHK Sports Foundation launched for them a 2-year free-of-charge programme, where they can learn to swim in a private pool in long-sleeved swimsuit. This alleviates their family’s anxiety and thus gives students motivation to swim.

Coach Profile


Ms Esther Ku

Ms Esther Ku holds a Swimming Teacher Certificate from the Hong Kong Swimming Teacher’s Association and holds Swimming and Water Safety Certificate from the Australian Swimming Teachers and Coaches Association.


Ms Pinky Lau

Ms Pinky Lau holds a Swimming Teacher Certificate from the Hong Kong Swimming Teacher’s Association and a Pool Lifeguard Award and Life Saving Examination Leader status from the Hong Kong Life Saving Society.

Sharing & Feedback

I like the concept of this class, as the students rarely have the opportunity to learn to swim.

They are very eager to learn, attentive and will do their best to follow instructions. They proactively ask questions and help classmates who are struggling to keep up.

– Ms Pinky Lau, Coach

I am Muslim. My mum had always been against me learning swimming, as she didn’t want me to be in the same class as boys, until she learnt there are female only sessions and long sleeve swimwear.

I hope I can teach my 2 siblings after finishing the course.

– Asif, Student

Competitions and Performances

  • Stanford Swim School Stanford Swimming Gala (Part 2)