TEEBALL Inspires!

Current Class

District: Kowloon City
Class Time: 1530 – 1730, Every Tuesday
Starting Date: October 2017
Ending Date: September 2019
Number of students: 18
Age: 6 – 12

Titled-sponsor: N/A
Collaboration partner: Hong Kong Softball Association, ELCHK Hung Hom Lutheran Primary School

Tee-ball is simplifying softball and baseball with 9 players in each team. The ball is made with a sponge rubber center which is slightly softer to prevent injury. There is no pitcher in the game. The batting team has to strike the ball placed on the stationary tee atop the home plate and start base-running. A run is scored when the player runs counter-clockwise around three bases and touches the home plate at last. Other defensive players will need to wear gloves to catch the ball hit by the batter or throw back to prevent the opponent from scoring.


Tee-ball originated from the United States, then spread to Japan and other Asian regions. Tee-ball Inspires! aims to further promote the development of softball and baseball in Hong Kong and help develop our students’ concentration, patience and agility.

Coach Profile


Ms Tiffany Au

Ms Tiffany Au is currently a member of the Hong Kong Women’s Baseball Team, having participated in the 2014, 2016 Women’s Baseball World Cup and the 2017 Women’s Baseball Asian Cup. She also has experience in the Women’s Softball Open League A grade during high school, along with 2 years’ T-Ball coaching experience.

Sharing & Feedback

I am glad to see that the young players are gradually mastering the softball skills and having fun from the practice of “throwing, fielding, hitting and running”. After several trainings, the self-discipline of players and team spirit improved significantly. I hope their skills can be improved in future training and also that they can share their enjoyment in softball with their classmates and friends so that more people can know about softball.

– Ms Tiffany Au, Coach