TENNIS Inspires!

Previous Class

District: Yuen Long
Class Time: 1700-1900 (Monday & Wednesday)
Starting Date: May 2015
Ending Date: Feb 2017
Number of students: 6
Age: 8 – 12

Current Class Details

District: Kwai Tsing
Class Time: 1700-1900 (Tuesday & Friday)
Starting Date: May 2015
Ending Date: Feb 2017
Number of students: 10
Age: 8 – 12

Titled-sponsor: Fu Tak Iam Foundation
Collaboration partner: Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups Jockey Club Tin Yiu Youth S.P.O.T.

Titled-sponsor: Fu Tak Iam Foundation
Collaboration partner: Pok Oi Hospital Yuen Yuen Institute Children & Families Development Centre

Tennis is known as one of the four noble sports.  Originating from the royalties in France, it had many strict rules on equipment, clothing and form  etc. In early times, the referees would even judge on players’ posture, body shape and deportment.
We hope students’ learn not only the skills of tennis, but also a positive attitude of always pursuing for their dreams.

Coach Profile

Henry So - Tennis

Mr Henry So

Mr Henry So is a former No. 1 tennis player in HK. He represented HK in the Davis Cup and won the HK Champions Cup in 2008. His coaching qualifications include the Master Pro qualification from Australian Tennis Professional Coaches Association. He is a highly qualified coach being a TRX and Adidas Performance certified trainer.


Sharing & Feedback

This is a great opportunity for underprivileged children to experience a great sport like tennis.  The students have improved a lot with their technical and teamwork skills and developed a sense of responsibility.

As coaches we hope that their technical skills will continue on a positive trajectory, but at the same time it is important that they enjoy the class. We hope that they will compete for Hong Kong one day. I am grateful to the title sponsor and InspiringHK for giving the opportunity to teach this class.

– Mr Henry So, Coach

Chi Cheung had always wanted to learn tennis before joining this course. He was easily mesmerised by tennis matches on TV, and to make him happy I bought a racket for him. Not being able to afford joining a course, his only way to learn was playing tennis against a wall. I am very thankful to InspiringHK for accepting Chi Cheung into this class. In only 2 and a half months, he has already learnt a lot. His goal is to play like the athletes on TV. I know he will cherish this learning opportunity.

–  Grandparent of one of our students – Chi Cheung

Competitions and Performances

  • Tennis Inspires! Inter-class Singles 2017
  • Tennis Inspires! Inter-class Doubles 2017
  • Tennis Inspires! Inter-class Doubles 2016
  • Tennis Inspires! Inter-class Singles 2016