SportsHour Event

Navigating Cross Currents-SportsHour Sharing Series  

Date: 2019/01/17

Theme: Navigating Cross Currents

Speakers:  Mr George Yeo, Chairman and Executive Director of Kerry Logistics Network and Former Minister for Foreign Affairs, Singapore

Moderator: Mr Gary Wong, Founder of IHKSports, Member of Commision on Children

Venue Sponsor: Bloomberg

Triathlon in Life - SportsHour Sharing Series

Date: 2018/11/01

Theme: Triathlon in Life

Speakers:  Mr Lau Ming Wai, The Vice-Chairman of the Youth Development Commission, Ms Ruth Hunt, President of the Hong Kong Triathlon Association, Mr Law Leong Tim, the Asian Games 2018 Triathlon Mixed Relay Bronze Medalist and Ms Cho Wing To, Cheri, the Asian Games 2018 Hong Kong Triathlon Representative
Venue Sponsor: Yan Gallery

Eslite Bookstore Sharing

Date: 2018/10/6

Venue: Eslite Spectrum Tsim Sha Tsui Store
Speakers:  Timothy Ho (World Rope Skipping Champion), Ken Cheng (Hong Kong Rope Skipping Club Coach Director), Edmond Yip (IHKSports Executive Director), Lam Wing Yan (IHKSports student)

Hong Kong Sports & Leisure Expo

Date: 2018/7/18-24

Venue: Wanchai Convention Center

Total no. of people engaged: More then 10 thousand